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Portland Metro Pipe Band – Band Member Profile

Name: Mark Tomasetti - Pipe Major

Piper or Drummer? Piper

How long have you been playing pipes or drums? Started in 1985 at age 9

Provide some info about your piping/drumming background and other bands you’ve played with: Rob Barrick, Jeff Brewer, Alan Walters, Doug Bird, Angus MacPherson, Bob Worrall, Ian and Gordon Duncan, and the numerous people that have been in the various bands I have played with.

High points of your band and/or solo career, including awards or trips: Founding member of the Willamette Valley PB until its dissolution in 1996; member of the Abbottsford Police PB until its dissolution in 1999; instructor for the Sir James McDonald PB between 1993 and 2003; member of the Maple Ridge PB between 2004 and 2006.

All of the trips to Scotland are memorable for some reason or other, especially in 1999 with the Abbottsford Police when we were sounding our best at the Bridge of Allan, and the other Grade I bands were turning around trying to figure out who we even were.

Funniest band moment(s): Shamrock Run 2009 – trying to play in 40 degree weather while it is raining, and then seeing Bruce Riggs’ kilt fall down to his ankles from underneath his Inverness cape…

Misc. fact about you: In real life I am a high school teacher, married to a middle school teacher, and we have two daughters.

Send email to: mark@pm-pb.org